Server signs allow you to join another server by right-clicking on a sign.

How to create?

To create a sign you need either OP permissions or the permission cavecloud.sign
Note: To use the permissions you need a Permissions plugin like PermissionsEx.

If you have these permissions, place a sign and write the following text in the appropriate lines.


Replace the placeholder <SERVERGROUP> with the name of your server group (e.g. LOBBY).
The shield is now set up.

Hint: If you are not on a static server, you need to save the configuration now. This works with the command: save-plugins

Change text on Server Signs

There are 2 ways you can change the text on server signs. You can find them here.

Text Dynamic Update:

This function is very useful if you want to show how many players, which map or which game state a specific server has.

You have to program this with the SpigotAPI or you use our ready-made plugin for this purpose. You can find this here:


Server self = SpigotApi.getSelfServer();



Change Gamestate Layout

Each Gamestate has its own signature layout and can be customized. Here is a description of how you can do this in the web interface.

Hint: You can also set everything manually in cloud/config/signs.json.

  1. Login to the web interface and go to the "Signs" tab.
  2. Here you can click on an already existing Gamestate, change the layout or create a new one with the button "Create Layout". The form looks exactly the same.

PlaceholderActivation in the API
%group%Not possible - Specifies the ServerGroup
%id%Not possible - Returns the ID of the server
%players%ServerData#setPlayers - indicates the current number of players
%maxplayers%ServerData#setMaxPlayers - specifies the maximum number of players
%motd%ServerData#setMotd - sets the MOTD (e.g. for map names)
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